28 editorials from year 1988 found in the database
(150 scanned pages)

20 pagine di doenne donne (Vogue ITA 12-1988)


80's (Vogue UK 1988)


A new sense (Vogue USA 04-1988)


A new standard (Vogue USA 01-1988)


Basic training (Elle USA 03-1988)


Beauty : Another kind of beauty (Vogue USA 08-1988)


Christy (Grazia ITA 24-01-1988)


Decollete (Vogue UK 02-1988)


Diamonds international awards (L'Officiel France 1988)


Die Kunst der couture (Vogue Germany 1988)


Easy into spring (Vogue USA 02-1988)


Fashion's first choices (Vogue UK 1988)


Freschi di stampa (Donna ITA 02-1988)


Genteel Dapper Dandy Appeal (Harper's USA 04-1988)


Glorious couture as art (Vogue USA 04-1988)


John Galliano (Vogue UK 02-1988)


Nera e la notte (Marie Claire ITA 03-1988)


Paris couture (Vogue UK 04-1988)


Pure style (Vogue USA 01-1988)


Pure summer style (Vogue UK 04-1988)


Seduzione nel rigore (Vogue ITA 01-1988)


Sharp focus - The best of the west (Harper's USA 07-1988)


Shorts - On target (Vogue USA 04-1988)


Summer is (Vogue USA 05-1988)


The denim edge (Vogue USA 04-1988)


Transparent thoughts (Vogue UK 02-1988)


Ville appeal (Elle USA 02-1988)


Vogue's last word (Vogue USA 04-1988)