30 editorials from year 2014 found in the database
(138 scanned pages)

10 edition master en communication (Vogue Spain 06-2014)


A perfect life (Vogue Russia 06-2014)


Always and forever (Elle USA 07-2014)


An interview with Christy (Natural mother USA 09-2014)


Beauty news (Myself Germany 10-2014)


Christy counts (VS USA Spring Summer 2014)


Christy Turlington (Marie Claire Style Japan 09-2014)


Citizen Christy (Traveler USA 03-2014)


Des formules 100% naturelles (Madame Figaro France 11-04-2014)


Eileen Ford (Grazia France 25-07-2014)


Enduring beauty (Harper's UK 01-2014)


Et Dieu crea les pop Models (GQ France 08-2014)


Fifty Years of photography (Vogue ITA 09-2014)


Il mio tempo pieno (Vanity Fair ITA 09-07-2014)


Intelligent beauty (Vogue SUP Japan 06-2014)


Is the end of the supermodel era (Pure Fashion Spain 08-2014)


Let's save lives together (Redbook USA 05-2014)


Patrick Demarchelier (2014)


Pure christy (Porter UK Fall 2014)


Ribbons it's frilling (Love UK FW 2014)


Salve mos vidas juntas (Good housekeeping MEX 09-2014)


Spirit of the moment (Vogue UK 04-2014)


Standing up for mothers everywhere (Princeton Magazine USA 02-2014)


Super power (Vogue Japan 08-2014)


Super power (Vogue UK 07-2014)


Supernovae (Vogue Japan 09-2014)


The big picture by Arthur Elgort (2014)


The golden area (Dalliance UK 09-2014)


The mother of all mothers (Harper's USA 10-2014)


Weiss der Himmel (Myself Germany 07-2014)