22 editorials from year 1986 found in the database
(103 scanned pages)

A lighter approach (Vogue USA 09-1986)


A new wave (Vogue USA 09-1986)


A new working image (Vogue USA 08-1986)


A welcome change (Vogue USA 11-1986)


Beauty now (Vogue USA 08-1986)


Beauty now (Vogue USA 10-1986)


Easy breezy knits including easiest beginners (Vogue Knitting USA SS 1986)


Easy winners (Vogue USA 09-1986)


Face (Harper's USA 05-1986)


Fast Track - Day dressing (Vogue USA 11-1986)


Free and Easy - The bare minimum (Vogue USA 05-1986)


Images (Bride's USA 1986)


Pantalon story (Vogue France 1986)


Sans saison (Elegance France 07-1986)


Si al trucco (Amica 18-09-1986)


Soft dressing pure pleasure (Vogue USA 07-1986)


Sun stroked yellow by the sea (Elle USA 01-1986)


The designer mystique (Vogue Knitting USA 1986)


The new print explosion (Harper's USA 05-1986)


The new sizzle with a latin beat at night (Vogue USA 12-1986)


Then and now (Vogue Knitting USA SS 1986)


Vogue's Last word (Vogue USA 07-1986)