36 editorials from year 1988 found in the database
(174 scanned pages)

100 best hair looks ever


100 donne del secollo (Vogue Italy 1988)


About time (Vogue UK 1988)


Black is beautiful (Vogue France 05-1988)


Cindy (Playboy Italy 1988)


Cindy by Herb Ritts (1988)


Current attractions (Vogue USA 06-1988)


Cut to the night (Vogue UK 08-1988)


Die kunst der couture (Vogue Germany 06-1988)


Dream a little dream of us (United States Virgins Islands 1988)


Fast fix skin (Vogue USA 01-1988)


Fauves de jour


Glorious couture as art (Vogue USA 04-1988)


Go for H2O (Elle USA 06-1988)


Hot attack


L'accent parisien (Vogue France 02-1988)


L'ete star (Vogue France 05-1988)


Les eaux de l'ete (Vogue France 05-1988)


Les regards erotiques de Tiziano Magni (Photo France 10-1988)


Live in linens (Elle USA 06-1988)


Long night time story (Harper's Bazaar USA 07-1988)


Lucentezza naturale (Vogue Italy 10-1988)


New adventures in color (Vogue UK 08-1988)


Nobody's perfect (Harper's Bazaar USA 1988)


Pearls of the orient (Sports Illustrated USA 15-02-1988)


Pink ! Hotter than ever (Harper's USA 02-1988)


Red snappers (Elle USA 06-1988)


Seduzione nel rigore (Vogue Italy 01-1988)


Sex marks the spot (GQ USA 10-1988)


Skinsuits (Playboy Japan 08-1988)


Strong points (Vogue USA 07-1988)


Sueno de verano (Playboy Spain 12-1988)


The new dressing (Vogue UK 02-1988)


Un autre regard (Vogue France 02-1988)


Un sogno da comprare (Amica Italy 1988)


World class travelers (Vogue USA 02-1988)