32 editorials from year 1989 found in the database
(185 scanned pages)

American beauty (Harper's USA 08-1989)


Bianco (Vogue Italy 02-1989)


Cindy (Elle Taiwan 1989)


Cindy (Harper's Italy 12-1989)


Cindy (Max Italy 08-1989)


Cindy crawford (Playboy Turkey 06-1989)


Cindy e Richard (Vogue Italy 10-1989)


Demarchelier (Photo France 11-1989)


Destination West (Mademoiselle USA 10-1989)


Die schonsten madchen der welt (Cinema Germany 10-1989)


Dolce provocante disinibita (Vogue Italy 10-1989)


Easing into autumn (Vogue UK 08-1989)


Een brok spetterende sensualiteit (De nieuwe Kwik Belgium 11-12-1989)


Esci con me stasera (7 Corriere della Sera Italy 23-12-1989)


Escote redondo (Vogue Spain 04-1989)


First choices (Vogue UK 01-1989)


Il nuovo ethnico viene dal west (Vogue Italy 1989)


Indian high - Journey to Ladakh (Vogue UK 01-1989)


Les filles prodigues de Elle (Elle France 21-08-1989)


Navy maneuvers (Vogue USA 05-1989)


Nobody beats the miz (Vogue USA 1989)


Palm Beach perfect (Harper's USA 06-1989)


Rubino e sfumature (Vogue Italy 1989)




Sunshades (Vogue UK 03-1989)


Superheroines (Vogue UK 02-1989)


Supermodels (Supermodels UK 1989)


Tres chere Cindy (Paris Match FR 14-12-1989)


Una storia di bianchi (Vogue Italy 1989)


Une perle rare (Vogue France 06-1989)


Visoni gold o selvaggi (Vogue Italy 07-1989)


Zarte Vierer Bande (Tempo Germany 06-1989)