17 editorials from year 2018 found in the database
(93 scanned pages)

Atrapados por el pasado (Vogue Spain 01-2018)


Cindy (Love USA Spring Summer 2018)


Cindy Crawford (Pure Luxury Canada 01-2018)


Cindy Crawford (Vogue Japan 02-2018)


El fascinante mundo de los Gerber Crawford (Hola Mexico 15-02-2018)


Even I don't wake up looking like Cindy Crawford (Town & Country USA 04-2018)


Las 5 magnificas (Telva Spain SUP 03-2018)


Mon frere etait un genie (L'officiel France 02-2018)


Re-mode (Numero Japan 03-2018)


Some girl's mothers are bigger than other girl's mothers (Pop UK Spring Summer 2018)


Spiegelbeeld (L'officiel The Netherlands 04-2018)


Super power (Glamour USA 2018)


The news (Harper's Singapore 01-2018)


The style (Harper's Singapore 01-2018)


Versace (In Style Mexico 04-2018)


Versace (In Style USA 03-2018)


Versace, and nothing else (In Style Russia 03-2018)