59 editorials from year 1998 found in the database
(325 scanned pages)

1. Top Model


2. Backstage


4. Unknown (Vogue USA 09-1998) Missing


5. Black knight


A bigger splash (The Face UK 12-1998)


A girl called Gisele (i-D UK 12-1998)


A splash of color (Cosmopolitan USA 05-1998)


Air, Water and ground (Vogue Russia 11-1998)


Alexander Mc Queen (Detour USA 03-1998)


Backstage (Gioia Italy 14-03-1998)


Backstage beauty (Allure USA 1998)


Basic instinct (Vogue UK 05-1998)


Cast party (W USA 1998)


Choc sport (Vogue France 03-1998)


Circle line (Harper's USA 12-1998)


City scape (Elle USA 03-1998)


City-dweller (Elle Thailand 05-1998)


Conto de fadas (Elle Brazil 07-1998) Missing


Divine decadence (Marie Claire UK 03-1998)


Donatella de Paris (Vogue Italy 09-1998)


Donatella de Paris (Vogue SUP Italy 09-1998)


Dr Jacobs and Mr Marc (Harper's USA 07-1998)


Elle info hebdo (Elle France 10-1998)


Favorite big sister (Vogue Russia 09-1998)


Fleurs des champs (L'Officiel France 03-1998)


Garota internacional (Capricho Brazil 10-1998) Missing


Get the look (Elle UK 08-1998)


Get the look (Elle UK 1998)


Gisele (D Italy 1998)


Gisele Bundchen (Elle Brazil 07-1998)(Missing)


Gisele Bundchen (Jovem Pan Brazil 1998)


Giselle (Vogue Italy 07-1998)


In lungo (D Italy 1998)


In the air (Allure USA 1998)


Inconfondibile appeal (Amica Italy 06-03-1998)


La dolce vita (Vogue USA 12-1998)


Les tissus Bucol l'art et la matiere (L'Officiel France 03-1998)


Lights, camera, couture (Vogue USA 04-1998)


Long range (Vogue UK 10-1998)


Mario Testino (Photo France 10-1998)


Men's style (Elle Germany 1998)


Neutral & neon (Mademoiselle USA 03-1998)


Notturni estivi con paillettes (Marie Claire Italy 06-1998)


O sol que ilumina (Vogue Brazil 12-1998)


Piu giu (D Italy 1998)


Portraits of style (Vogue USA 09-1998)


Postcard story (Vogue Italy 12-1998)


Saison sensationen (Vogue Germany 07-1998)


Sex or make-up (Allure USA 06-1998)


Sexy (Allure USA 05-1998)


Simply chic (Amica Italy 06-03-1998)


Sous le grand chapiteau (Vogue France 11-1998)


Sultry (Harper's USA 07-1998)


Symphony for the devil (The Face UK 05-1998)


The bohemian life (Vogue USA 08-1998)


The girls fom Ipanema (Allure USA 1998)


Theater of fashion (Vogue Italy 10-1998)


Up all night (Harper's USA 03-1998)


Verao na cabeca (Elle Brazil 10-1998)