92 editorials from year 1999 found in the database
(504 scanned pages)

1. Unknown tittle (Vogue Korea 04-1999)


2000 et une nuits (Vogue France 11-1999)


2000 Spring Summer New York London Collection (Fashion News Japan 12-12-1999)


21st century girl (Telegraph Magazine UK 24-04-1999)


A bedroom in St Barts (Big UK Issue 23-1999)


A garota das capas (Epoca Brazil 21-06-1999)


A gilded age (Vogue USA 09-1999)


A rainha Gisele (Vogue Brazil 12-1999)


Amazon kadini (Harper's Turkey 09-1999)


Ambre et lumiere (Numero France 05-1999)


At first sight (Vogue USA 11-1999)


Beauty (Vogue Japan 10-1999)


Cafe noir (Big UK Issue 23-1999)


Capelli (Elle Italy 11-1999) Missing


Colecciones Pret a Porter otono-invierno 1999-2000 (Hola Spain Fall Winter 1999)


Das Top Model (Max Germany 1999)


Di rara bellezza (Vogue Italy 12-1999)


Doctor Jacobs and Mister Marc (Harper's Russia 09-1999) Missing


Drama queen (Dazed and Confused UK 07-1999)


Du pur plaisir Made in Paris (Elle France 10-1999)


Dust (Vogue Italy 06-1999)


El fenomeno Gisele (Top Model Mexico 1999)


Fall hits (Harper's USA 09-1999)


Fashion week (Hola Spain 10-1999)


Ford in gear (Vogue USA 03-1999)


Friday to Saturday (Cosmopolitan Russia 04-1999)


Girl next door (Big UK Issue 23-1999)


Gisele (Criativa Brazil 02-1999) Missing


Gisele (Harper's USA 10-1999) Missing


Gisele (Must Greece 1999)


Gisele (Visionaire USA 12-1999) Missing


Gisele by Phil Poynter (Big UK Issue 23-1999)


Gisele by Richard Avedon (1999)


Gisele como voce nunca viu (Elle Brazil 06-1999)


Gisele e nossa (Querida Brazil 12-1999)


Gisele la modelo No1 (Lecturas Spain FW-1999)


Healing powers (Vogue USA 01-1999)


Health and beauty (Frank UK 03-1999)


Heat (Big UK Issue 23-1999)


Here comes the sun (Vogue USA 04-1999)


Hit list (Vogue USA 01-1999)


How the west is worn (Allure USA 08-1999)


In Horizontina (Big UK Issue 23-1999)


Indigo girls (Vogue USA 07-1999)


Irresistible (Arena UK 12-1999)


Just like John and Yoko (The Face UK 12-1999)


Kiss kiss Bang bang (Big UK Issue 23-1999)


Les tops se mobilisent (Elle France 13-12-1999)


Lick the battery (The Face UK 08-1999)


Maria (Harper's USA 05-1999)


Metropolitan (Vogue USA 08-1999)


Michael Kors (Caras Brazil 31-12-1999)


Mighty Miu Miu (Harper's USA 02-1999)


Model of the year (Vogue USA 11-1999) Missing


Natural high (Vogue UK 08-1999)


Party girls (Vogue USA 09-1999)


Pele, Senna e agora Gisele (Veja Brazil 01-12-1999)


Perfil (Vogue Brazil 1999) Missing


Pink red orange (Harper's Australia 09-1999)


Playtime (Big UK Issue 23-1999)


Provocative (Vogue Italy 05-1999)


Ralph Lauren Make-up (Allure USA 1999)


Rapunzel (Elle UK 04-1999)


Retrospectiva (Caras Brazil 31-12-1999)


Rock the house (Vogue USA 12-1999)


Round Midnight (Vogue USA 12-1999)


Runway (Elle China SUP Fall Winter 1999)


Runway report (Vogue USA 07-1999)


Screwdriver (Big UK Issue 23-1999)


Shear heaven (Vogue USA 10-1999)


Sleeper (Big UK Issue 23-1999)


Spot (Big UK Issue 23-1999)


Spring training (Vogue USA SUP 03-1999)


Stargate (Big UK Issue 23-1999)


Stop diet (Vogue Russia 09-1999)


Summer reading (Vogue USA 08-1999)


Sweet stuff (Allure USA 12-1999)


Team player (Vogue USA 02-1999)


The body (Elle UK 1999)


The box (Big UK Issue 23-1999)


The girls in the band (Vogue Italy 12-1999)


The perfect model (Big UK Issue 23-1999)


The return of the curve (Vogue USA 07-1999)


The skirt has become a key item (Allure USA 1999)


The story of G (Big UK Issue 23-1999)


The white album (Harper's USA 07-1999)


Time to dance (Vogue Russia 09-1999)


Um mingau para uma deusa (VIP Brazil 06-1999) Missing


Viva el glamour (Elle Spain 1999)


Vogue's eye view (Vogue UK 09-1999)


Who's that girl (Big UK Issue 23-1999)


Wild orchids (W USA 06-1999)