63 editorials from year 2012 found in the database
(219 scanned pages)

A moda do Brazil (Vista Brazil 10-2012)


Arcs en style (L'ofiiciel FR 2012)


Basking glory (GQ UK 07-2012)


Beauty by Josh (Hello UK 02-04-2012)


Beauty is as beauty does (Coco Eco USA 07-2012)


Beauty kontrolle (In Germany 08-2012)


Body check (Myself Germany 04-2012)


Bronze seguro (Glow Mexico 06-2012)


Des couples en or (Star Systeme France Spring 2012)


Die gagen-gottin (1st Austria 06-2012)


E uma fantasia (Quem Brazil 25-05-2012)


Efeito Gisele (Vivabeleza Brazil 01-2012)


Ela e brasileira (Vista Brazil 10-2012)


Embajadora supermodelo (Hola Argentina 04-2012)


Etat de grace (Vogue France 06-2012)


Everlasting beauty (Vogue Japan 11-2012)


Ex-Angels (Victoria's Secret Perfect Book Japan 05-10-2012)


Fashion snaps (Gossips Japan 10-2012)


Fashion's busiest icon (Cosmpolitan Australia 01-2012)


Fiesta de moda (Vanidades Argentina 17-05-2012)


From the catwalk to Kenya (Hello UK 02-04-2012)


Gisele (Claudia Brazil 09-2012)


Gisele (GQ UK 06-2012)


Gisele (Harper's Brazil 11-2012)


Gisele (i-D UK 10-2012)


Gisele (Mario Testino's Book Private View 2012)


Gisele Bundchen (Toten Russia 08-07-2012)


Gisele Bundchen (Unknown The Netherlands 04-2012)


Gisele Bundchen lorem ipsum (Expressa Brazil 01-2012)


Gisele Bundchen partners with the Un Foundation and the UNEP (Diplomatic connections USA 03-2012)


Gisele confidentielle (Vogue France 06-2012)


Gisele pop (Harper's Korea 02-2012)


Gisele super modelo super mujer (Glow Mexico 06-2012)


Gisele vs Heidi (Elle Japan 08-2012)


Gravidez na pauta de Gisele Bundchen (Caras Brazil 15-06-2012)


Hemligheter (Cosmopolitan Sweden 06-2011)


Ikonick siluetler (Vogue Turkey 02-2012)


Kennen sie diese frau (Jolie Germany 07-2012)


La belezza che batte Wall Street (Style Premium Italy 06-2012)


Last but not least (Hello UK 2012)


Leather paradise (Elle Japan 09-2012)


Legends of ex-Angels (Snap Snap Japan Spring Summer 2012)


Les mannequins les mieux cotes (Jour de France France 03-2012)


Los trucos de Gisele (Telva Spain 03-2012)


Mario Testino - Jardin secret (Photo France 03-2012)


Mario Testino - Sa mode (Photo France 03-2012)


Mario Testino capteur de reves (Madame Figaro France 2012)


O tempo nao para (Sem Numero Brazil Spring Summer 2012)


Pelos quatro cantos do Brazil (Istoe Gente Brazil 27-06-2012)


Perfect girl (Vogue France 06-2012)


Reyes, Tops y Testino (Vanity Fair Italy 12-2012)


Rising from the deep (Mojeh UAE 04-2012)


Secretful victoriei (Beau Monde Romania 03-2012)


Super 8 (Interview USA 05-2012) Missing


Sweet cute and sexy (Harper's Greece 08-2012)


Swimwear Collection (Gossip Japan 07-2012)


The amazonians (10 Mag USA Winter 2012)


The beauty and the business (Red The Netherlands 08-2012)


Til dusk do us apart (Commons Sense USA 03-2012)


Top Gisele Bundchen faz expedicao ao Quenia (Caras Brazil 27-01-2012)


Victoria well kept secret (Stache Philippines 10-2012)


Vuelta al Safari (Telva Spain 2012)


Zuruck in die zukunft (Maxi Germany 2012)