20 editorials from year 1997 found in the database
(100 scanned pages)

Backstage beauty (Marie Claire USA 07-1997)


Der star kalender (Bunte GER 12-1997)


Festive (Elle UK 12-1997)


Flesh for fantasy (Dazed & Confused UK 08-1997)


Getting night right (Vogue UK 08-1997)


Gold coast (Vogue UK 07-1997)


Great Dane (Cleo AUS 07-1997)


Haut nah (Vogue GER 03-1997)


Helena by Christophe Cufos (Vogue Korea 07-1997)


I haelene pa Helena (Alt Denmark 27-02-1997)


Il gioco dei colori (Elle ITA 05-1997)


Prague (Marie Claire UK 10-1997)


Reporter (Allure USA 04-1997)


Supermodels Cindy Helena Yasmin are bridesmaids ... (Hello UK 10-1997)


Tenue de soiree (Elle FR 15-09-1997)


Top of the tops (Max FR 08-1997)


Une sirene sur le rocher (Femme FR 03-1997)


What gets a model out of bed (You UK 07-1997)


What is beauty (Elle UK 06-1997)


Why wear brown now (Marie Claire USA 03-1997)