12 editorials from year 2002 found in the database
(65 scanned pages)

+++ Helena for Vogue Paris Calendar


Boxing Helena (Night & Day UK 02-2002)


Brief encounters (Vogue AUS 02-2002)


Dans les bras d'Helena (Vogue FR 12-2002)


La bella Helena (Vogue Spain 12-2002)


La couleur du desir (Vogue FR 11-2002)


Life beyond the catwalk (Fair Lady SA 08-2002)


Love in Tokyo(Switch Japan 09-2002)


Problably the best model in the world (Life - The Observer - UK 02-2002)


Stilikon Helena Christensen (Costume Denmark 06-2002)


Supermodel in suburbia (Style UK 11-2002)


What's sexy now? (Cosmopolitan UK 01-2002)