14 editorials from year 2008 found in the database
(80 scanned pages)

+++ Helena (Mag Israel 09-2008)


+++ Paint (Citizen K Spain 06-2008)


Beauty report (In style UK 06-2008)


Descubriendo a Helena (Vogue Ninos Spain 12-2008)


Helena (GQ ITA 09-2008)


How to take better holidays photographs (Easy Living UK 08-2008)


Master class (Madison AUS 02-2008)


New romantic (In style UK 03-2008)


On your Marc, get set, wait! (Harper's USA 03-2008)


Punchy lady (Elle FR 08-12-2008)


Swash-unbuckling (Spectrum Scotland 11-2008)


The centrefold (Mad about town USA Winter 2008)


The world's hottest pokemon (Dansk Denmark 09-2008)


West village boheme (Cover Denmark 12-2008)