22 editorials from year 2010 found in the database
(110 scanned pages)

10 ideas para un cuerpo 10 (Harper's Spain 06-2010)


Beauty & Style (Vogue Germany 07-2010)


Beauty (Harper's UK 04-2010)


Belle nature (Madame Figaro FR 05-06-2010)


Downtown idyll (Above USA Spring 2010)


Dress you up (Elle UK 10-2010)


Easy tone (Shape Greece 05-2010)


Eva Helena Claudia (GQ Spain 05-2010)


Helena (Elle Japan 10-2010)


Helena (GQ Russia 04-2010)


Helena Christensen (Corduroy Canada Summer 2010)


Helena Christensen (Madam Eva Slovakia 04-2010)


Helena's coming of age (Red UK 02-2010)


La top indomable (Marie Claire Spain 04-2010)


My space (Elle UK 03-2010)


Super cool (Elle SA 03-2010)


Super cool (Elle UK 01-2010)


Super cool Helena (Elle Serbia 02-2010)


The lady and the lace (Evening Standard UK 30-07-2010)


This much I know (Observer Magazine UK 31-10-2010)


Top sans fards (Elle FR 09-04-2010)


Une photographe engagee (Open Switzerland 04-2010)