14 editorials from year 2014 found in the database
(82 scanned pages)

50 ans et toujours au top (Paris Match FR 16-01-2014)


Bare face make up (Harper's UK 04-2014)


Cut (Allure RUS 04-2014)


Force de la nature (The edit FR 01-2014)


Helena Christensen (The View USA Spring 2014)


Helena Christensen, charles DeCAro and Rocco Laspata (25 ITA Spring 2014)


L'amante di Lady Christensen (GQ ITA 01-2014)


La eterna Top (Woman Spain 03-2014)


O sole mio (Elle FR 06-06-2014)


Out of this world (Porter UK Spring 2014)


Piece of the season (Porter UK Summer 2014)


Seduzione Maestri di stile (GQ ITA 01-2014)


Supernovae (Vogue Japan 09-2014)


Top forever (Madame Figaro FR 10-01-2014)