12 editorials from year 2018 found in the database
(106 scanned pages)

Helena (Dscene USA 08-2018)


Helena (Harper's Ukraine 03-2018)


Helena (L'officiel Russia 02-2018)


Helena's New York (Eurowoman Denmark 04-2018)


I love NY I love Helena (Conde Nast Traveler Spain 06-2018)


Inside Helena's world (Red UK 09-2018)


Las 5 magnificas (Telva Spain SUP 03-2018)


Mermaid tales (Vogue UK 04-2018)


Renaissance woman (SBJCT USA 02-2018)


Spring's hottest runway trends (Modeliste Digital 02-2018)


The garden of delights (Tatler UK 12-2018)


Un air de country (Elle France 27-07-2018)