56 editorials from year 2017 found in the database
(136 scanned pages)

10 facts you need to know (Hamburger Thailand 15-11-2017)


A super is born (Teen Vogue USA 08-2017)


All eyes on (Vogue USA 12-2017)


All in the family (Haute Living USA 25-10-2017)


Band of insiders (Teen Vogue USA 05-2017)


Beautiful by design (Prestige Indonesia 11-2017)


Camino a la fama (Glamour Latinoamerica 05-2017)


Celebrity faces (La mode Australia Fall Winter 2017)


Chanel virtuose en son grand palais (Gala France 10-2017)


Cindy and Kaia show off their style jean-ius (Hello UK 08-2017)


De hija de Cindy Crawford a top model de 16 anos (Q Mexico 11-2017)


Fashiorama (Gente Bien Mexico 12-2017)


Force of nature (Vogue UK 10-2017)


Foto di gruppo (Vanity Fair Italy 25-10-2017)


Her time (Plaza del Duque Spain 12-2017)


Here's looking at you 2018 (Elle Singapore 12-2017)


IMG Portfolio


Kaia (Byrdie Website 18-05-2017)


Kaia (DWF Magazine 12-2017)


Kaia for Daisy (The coveteur Website 05-2017)


Kaia Gerber (Faces Made now Spain 10-2017)


Kaia Gerber (The Glam Monaco 12-2017)


Kaia Gerber (Top 25 Photo France 12-2017)


Kaia Gerber (You by Calvin French The Carribean 10-2017)


Kaia Gerber - Otra Top-Model (Ocean Drive Venezuela 12-2017)


Kaia Gerber - Promesa por cumplir (Gente Bien Mexico 27-10-2017)


Kaia Gerber est une graine de stars (Voici France 03-2017)


Kaia Gerber natural beauty (Elle Latino-America 07-2017)


Lauft (20 Minuten Germany 06-10-2017)


Le glamour en heritage (Gala France 11-10-2017)


Like mother (OK UK 12-2017)


Love me 17 (Love USA SS 2017)


Machtwechsel auf dem laufsteg (Grazia Germany 21-09-2017)


Mados kaledos Londone (Zmones Lituania 12-2017)


Milan se detend (Grazia France 27-09-2017)


Milan steals the show (Trends China 10-2017)


Milano ikonos (Zmones Lituania 10-2017)


Miu Miu (Love USA 10-2017)


Model of the moment (Canberra Weekly Australia 05-10-2017)


Models and muses (The Business of Fashion 500 UK Fall Winter 2017)


Moeders mooiste (Vogue The Netherlands 11-2017)


My mom taught me less is more (Glamour USA 05-2017)


New York fashion week trends (Cercle UK 12-2017)


Quasi come lei (Vanity Fair Italy 01-03-2017)


Social media Models (In Style USA 12-2017)


Star Wars (Harper's USA 11-2017)


Style (In Style USA 12-2017)


Telle mere telle fille (L'officiel Lebanon 12-2017)


The kids are all right (Prestige Singapore 11-2017)


The last day of summer movie by Carissa Gallo for Teen Vogue


The next generation (Who USA 24-04-2017)


The next model (Life Greece 10-2017)


The world falls for teen dream Kaia (Grazia UK 25-09-2017)


What's hot in fashion and beauty (Hola Spain 08-2017)


Who's that girl (Voici France 10-08-2017)


Wonderful baby (Grazia Russia 03-10-2017)