20 editorials from year 2008 found in the database
(72 scanned pages)

2007 season MVP & Best scene (Touchdown Pro Japan 03-2008)


A quartet that rocks (Sporting News USA 07-01-2008)


Bow to the king (Beckett Football USA 01-2008)


Brady out (Touchdown Japan 11-2008)


Brady zone (Touchdown Pro Japan 03-2008)


Conference championship (Touchdown Japan 04-2008)


Heavy blue (Touchdown Japan 09-2008)


Hell (Touchdown Japan 08-2008)


Ideal player (Touchdown Japan 04-2008)


It's all on the line (Sports Illustrated USA 04-02-2008)


Just throw the ball Tom Brady (Esquire USA 09-2008)


L'america aspetta il patriota (Sportweek Italy 02-02-2008)


New England Patriots - Two minutes drill (Athlon Sports USA 07-2008)


NFL Fan poll 2008 (Touchdown Japan 04-2008)


NFL Top News (Touchdown Japan 2008)


One shot column (Touchdown Japan 06-2008)


Superbowl XL II (Touchdown Japan 04-2008)


Todo Glamour (Elle Spain 2008)


Top of West stand (Touchdown Japan 04-2008)


Touchdown mags ads (Touchdown 07-2008)