11 editorials from year 2014 found in the database
(60 scanned pages)

Best of the best (Beckett Sports USA 12-2014)


Brady's Legacy (Beckett football USA 09-2014)


Find out NFL (Touchdown Japan 12-2014)


Gisele sur un nuage de parfum (Point de vue France 15-10-2014)


In the end zone (Man of the world USA Fall 2014)


New England Patriots (American Football Magazine Japan 12-2014)


NFL 2014 - 20 superstars to watch (American Football Magazine Japan 12-2014)


Patriots (New England Patriots Book USA 11-2014


Presenting the Top 25 Quaterbacks of all time (Beckett Sports USA 10-2014)


Winning with style (All Things Sports Magazine USA 08-2014)


Y Mario creo a Gisele (Cosas Peru 16-04-2014)