18 editorials from year 2015 found in the database
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All about Superbowl XLIX (Touchdown Pro Japan 04-2015)


Deflated (Sports Illustrated USA 09-02-2015)


Gisele & Tom (OK Russia 27-08-2015)


Historic ending (Sports-Illustrated-USA-14-02-2015)


L'uomo dal braccio d'oro (Sportweek Italy 31-01-2015)


Man out of time (The New York Times Magazine USA 01-02-2015)


New England Patriots (American Football Magazine Japan 12-2015)


New England Patriots (Touchdown Japan 12-2015)


NFL Superstar - Tom Brady (Touchdown Japan 11-2015)


Offense (New England Patriots Year Book USA 07-2015)


One for the ages (Sports Illustrated USA 09-02-2015)


Seattle VS New England (Athlon sports Magazine USA 01-2015)


Superbowl XLIX (Sports-Illustrated-USA-14-02-2015)


The season in pictures (Sports-Illustrated-USA-14-02-2015)


Tom Brady is ... (GQ USA 12-2015)


Tom cruising (Sports-Illustrated-USA-14-02-2015)


Ubermodel encerra capitulo na carreira (Caras Brazil 24-04-2015)


Year in review (Lindy's sports USA 02-2015)